Danger Zone Jobs.Com Continuing Scam

As you  already know Danger Zone Jobs.Com   http://www.dangerzonejobs.com  has had numerous complaints filed .So follow this article closely and you can see they infact are running a scam.William K. Beaver owner of Global Trends Media LLC which publishes dangerzone jobs.com claims to be a patriot but we could find no record of him ever serving in the United States military,at our company we are all veterans and have served our country proudly.Mr.Beaver proclaims that he was partner in a contractor supply business in Kuwait for over a ten year period,our research shows that the business failed after three years,this is only one of Mr.Beaver's business failures.Our research shows that while in Kuwait he married a Arab Islamic Muslin women "Shuhair".You veterans of Desert Storm,Iraq and Afghanistan should find that in it self questionable behavior from a person who claims to be a patriot and loyal to military operations in the above mentioned countries.Moving right along to the questionable behavior and policies Mr.Beaver employs on his website http://www.dangerzonejobs.com . on his website thereare no contact phone numbers for general information,tech support,sales or most important of all a customer service phone number,after all he sells life time customer membership to his website for $49.00 and sells advertising.On all of our websites you can contact us by the following phone numbers;Corporate Office for Nels Finance Corporation Toll Free 866-711-7791 and website contact phone numbers - 843-608-5246 and 843-838-0286 all of our websites have a customer service email address and a tech support email address.You have to ask yourself why Mr.Beaver has elected to have no phone contact with his consumers or the general public,this is most typical behavior of internet scamers.Mr.Beaver claims on his website that if you're unhappy with the service that you paid him for he will refund your money instantly...but how do you contact him for your refund?Our researcher contacted several of the overseas employers that Mr.Beaver claims are clients of Danger Zone Jobs.Com,when our researcher mentioned Danger Zone Jobs.Com amd Mr.William Beaver the supposed clients "chuckled" and inferred that they had no client relationship with Danger Zone Jobs.Com or Mr.William Beaver.After checking out the forum at Danger Zone Jobs.Com and our researcher posted 4 comments that never published, it became apparent, that all the comments are constructed by one person only...Mr Beaver himself.Here's what you get in the dangerzonejobs.com"Life Time Website Membership Plan" $49.00 USD you get to read both old and non fact based articles as well as post your resume on the website.By the way there are 100's of employment websites were you can post your resume for free,we accept free resume posting on all of our websites.All you folks that paid to be members should weigh just what you got for your hard earned money.This is the reason there is no phone at Danger Zone Jobs.Com,why would Mr.Beaver want a company phone when every time he awnsers it a customer wants a refund.My name is Charles Wolfe and I am the author of this article,at Nels Finance Corporation we hide from no one,to view our corporate address in Delaware and the names of our board of directors go to  http://www.corp.delaware.gov/



If you're thinking about placing a job ad on Danger Zone Jobs.Com you owe it to your companyto go to ALEXA.COM and research the amount of traffic that Danger Zone Jobs.Com gets...it's minimal at best.Don't get ripped off and don't spend money on job ads that only a very few people will see,let alone respond too. Check out the traffic on SNAG A JOB.COM MONSTER.COM INDEED.COM  There are many other job boards that are high traffic and will provide your company with qualified applicants.




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